About Us

1) Live Entertainment Programs –

Kim Loi Media has organized many live cultural events and concerts including music and dance performances worldwide featuring best and brightest Vietnamese performers.  We have served and satisfied million of customers worldwide throughout our growing development by presenting quality artists and quality productions. 

2) Miss Viet Nam Global / Mrs. Vietnam Global / Model GlobalKIm Loi Media has produced and hosted the best known Miss Viet Nam Global (MVG) beauty pageants and live concert which features the most beautiful, young Vietnamese women and the best performers, attracting great audiences from around the world.  These events were recorded live and their DVDs have been released worldwide since 2006. These events were held in Las Vegas, a world-renowned entertainment destination. The MVG 2006 was first introduced at the MGM Grand Casino and Resort, the 2nd MVG 2007 were presented at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort, the 3rd and 4th MVG 2008 and 2009 was held again at MGM Grand Casino and Resort and The 5th MVG was held at Pala Casino and Resort and 6th was at Saigon Performing Arts Center in 2014 and Model Global was presented in 2014 at Saigon Performing Arts Center, as well.

3) Musical CD Production – Kim Loi Media begins its existence in musical CD production and continues to flourish. Our CD library houses millions of the finest selection of Vietnamese leading artists encumbered over 20 years.

4) DVD-Video Production – Kim Loi Media has also produced and widely distributed over half a million karaoke DVDs with songs from the most popular Vietnamese artists worldwide.  Karaoke DVD productions are very popular to the Asian market in general and Vietnamese audiences in particular, especially with the advent of the interactive music technologies that are available to consumers today.

5) Movie Production –
Kim Loi Media will be producing the biggest blockbuster for the Vietnamese-American community with the most famous star celebrities employing the latest revolutionary techniques of film making. Shortly, we will also capture productions geared towards mainstream as well.

6) Television Networks/IPTV/Website/Web Cast –
Kim Loi is currently working on developing and collaborating with the strongest radio and/or television networks, IPTV, websites, web cast and magazines within the Vietnamese communities world wide.